Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Old Photos

box of old photos
so easy to put the lid
on memories


  1. __ Good to see your continued activity Warren! This echo... in time:

    planted today's blossoms
    time's garden

  2. Hi Magyar - Yes, I've mainly been posting on my Facebook account and entering haiku, haiga and haibun in various online short-form poetry magazines. Been enjoying myself. I appreciate you.

  3. And, to take them out again.

    old photos
    the many faces
    I have had


  4. Terrific haiku, Adelaide - I like it much better than mine. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Not better--just different feeling


  6. Hi Warren

    I saw your haiku in Frogpond. It made me think of my "fluttering" since my husband passed away. I'm can say now that I am settled into a new life. Content, is the word. I would be "Happy" if Joe were with me.

    I wrote capping lines to your haiku. I hope you don't mind.

    spring wind
    a fluttering crow feather
    regains flight (WG)

    looking for a better place
    to settle and rest (ABS)


  7. Hi Adelaide - I guess you saw that in the latest Frogpond? I haven't received mine yet. In the online Frogpond I only find one page of haiku - is there a way to find more online?

    I'm glad you've come to a place of contentment - especially after losing your husband. I too am in contentment after years of alcoholism and wanting more than what I had. Now I realize that what I sought in the bottle was simply to accept myself and let God file off the rough edges.

    Are you on Facebook much? I am on there constantly, pretty much ignoring my blog.

    Thanks, Warren

  8. Hi Warren,
    I am not on Facebook at all. I guess I'm missing out on keeping up with people, not just haiku poets, but family and friends. I thinkI have to sign up. My children and sister are on and they post often. Stay well and keep writing.
    Frogpond does not have an online version. I got my copy last week. Surprised you haven't received yours yet.


  9. Yes, you need to sign up and get into the haiku community. There are a lot of poets on Facebook.

    I guess I'll just wait and see if I get my copy of Frogpond.

    See you on Facebook? Warren

  10. Hi Warren,

    I just checked out Haigaonline to see what was new in the gallery. Congratulations! Your haiga are beautiful---the paintings are a standout as well as the haiku and are combined perfectly,


  11. Thank you, Adelaide - Been laid up recent and haven't kept up with much. Had some cervical discs replaced and four vertebrae (?) fused in late July. Recouping well and the operation is a complete success. Will get back after the haiku real soon.